Sermon Snippet – 16th September 2018

Every week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. Here’s a few lines from what he said this week. The sermon title was “Who is called to offer Pastoral Care?”

Now for our question this morning the important part of what John wrote is what comes after Jesus washed the feet of his followers.

Jesus said, “I have set the example, and you should do for each other exactly what I have done for you.” (13.15)

Some Christians think that Jesus meant this literally, others that he was just using it as an example of Christian service. Those who can remember what I’ve said before on this passage know that I think he probably meant both!

To wash someone else’s feet is to be willing to serve them. And to serve them is to be willing to wash their feet. 

Jesus’ point is straightforward. If we claim to be his followers then we should follow his example and serve one another even in the lowliest things. This for Jesus is how we love one another and such mutual love, seen in service, is the sign to others that we are truly Christians and belong to Jesus.

[Reflecting on John 13.12-17, 31-35 and Ephesians 4.6, 11-16]