Sermon Snippet – 2nd September 2018

After a break over the summer Sermon Snippets are back!

Every week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. Here’s a few lines from what he said this week as part of a Dedication Service…

If we talk about our names as more than labels but as the sum of all we are, then what the Bible tells us is that God knows each of us by name. He knows you by name.

It is this intimate knowledge that Jesus’ story in John 10 is referring to. The shepherd calls each of the sheep by name. This doesn’t mean he knows the label given to each one. No it means he knows each of them as fully as they can be known.

Jesus, the one who is Emmanuel, God with us, knows each of us by name. He knows us inside and out. He knows the course our lives have taken since the day we were a mere twinkle in a parent’s eye. There is nothing about us he doesn’t know.

Imagine that. There is nothing about you that he doesn’t know. The writer of Psalm 139 found that depth of knowing to be overwhelming. And it can be because we know that for all the good in us there are things in our lives that are just ugly.

Jesus knows all that is ugly in us, all that makes us think we are unloveable, and yet he loves us still. In fact he loves us so much that he laid down his life to deal with what is ugly, in us and in the world, so that we might be the people God always intended us to be.

[Reflecting on John 10.1-6 and Matthew 6.25-34]