Sermon Snippet – 18th November 2018

Every week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. Here’s a few lines from what he said this week as we continued our series reflecting on work.

What these stories show us is that it is possible to honour God and do a good job for our employer, or in any context of work … but that doing both these things is not always easy, and an outcome like the one that Joseph and Daniel enjoyed is far from guaranteed.

In simple terms work that pleases God is work that is offered to God. This means that when we are working, whatever it might be that we do, it is our conscious intention to do it for God’s honour, and that’s why we should always strive to do our best.

The problem, as Mark Greene points out, is that most of us are atheists when it comes to our work. What he means is that most of us treat our work as something in which God isn’t really that interested.

I wonder what it would mean to the way you approached your work, whether that’s in an office or factory or shop, or whether that’s helping out at the Youth Club or with an elderly neighbour, or putting the washing on the line… I wonder what it would mean to the way you approached your work if you believed that God was interested in it, and wanted your best, every time, in what you do.

[Reflecting on Genesis 41.44-57, Colossians 3.22-4.1]