Sermon Snippet – 25th November 2018

Every week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. Here’s a few lines from what he said this week in the last of our series reflecting on work.

One way of reading Jesus’ story is to see the steward as representing Israel, and particularly the religious leaders, who are here being accused of failing to look after the affairs of God that they were charged with.

Another way of reading the story is to see it as a challenge to act wisely in difficult circumstances, and perhaps to remember that relationships are the one thing that we should always invest in (even if there are right and wrong ways of doing that).

From these two ways of reading Jesus’ story we might discern the challenge to hold a healthy balance between keeping what matters to God to the fore – we are not to neglect our calling as followers of Jesus just because we are at work – and acting wisely in a context that is often far from godly, with acting wisely always meaning investing well in relationships.

So on the one hand this means, don’t be ashamed to be a Christian or don’t shirk the responsibilities of living a kingdom-shaped life, but on the other hand this is a challenge to be professional, even for an unethical boss, and to care about people, even the most difficult ones, and invest in their lives.

[Reflecting 1 Samuel 26.1-11, 21-25 and Luke 16.1-13]