Sermon Snippet – 13th January 2019 (Text for the Year)

Every week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. Here’s a few lines from what he said this week as he reflected on the words he’s chosen as our ‘Text for the Year’.

The church exists to show the world that Jesus has been raised from the dead, and is now Lord and Christ, is now King over all creation.

“God has raised this Jesus to life, and we are all witnesses of this fact.” (Acts 2.32, NIV)

While Peter’s words do mean that we are to tell others about Jesus, there is much more to this idea of witness than that.

We need to think of witness in a different sense. Rather than the idea of one giving a testimony or verbal account of something – as a witness does in a law court – the idea of the church as a witness is more like that of an impression that is left.

Think of footprints in the snow, for example. How do we know that someone has walked through the park after a fresh fall of snow? Their footprints tell us.

We don’t see them, but we see the impression that they have made. And in it’s in that sense that the church is a witness to Jesus’ resurrection and rule.

The church shows the world the difference that this risen and ruling Jesus makes. The world might not be able to see Jesus but they should be able to see the impression that he has left on the life of those he calls his people or his body.

[Reflecting on Acts 2.22-47 and Ephesians 4.1-6 and 25-4