Sermon Snippet – 27th January 2019

Every week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. Here’s a few lines from what he said this week about the work of BMS World Mission.

“The highest goal of all we do is to bring people to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and an experience of the abundant life that only he can provide.” (BMS World Mission)

William Carey was not being arrogant when he called on his fellow Baptist Christians to go to other nations to announce the good news of Jesus.

There was nothing disrespectful about Carey’s mission work in India. Even though he was a man of his time, his purpose was not to convert the Indian people to the westerners’ religion, because he thought it better.

Some might accuse Carey and BMS of this but such an accusation misses the central message of the Bible. Jesus has been declared to be King over all, over all creation, over all nations, and over all the peoples of the world.

Carey was simply acting in obedience to what he believed to be true. That Jesus was King over all and that he had commanded his church to go and declare this to people in every part of the world so that they might turn to him and find life.

BMS’ highest goal should be the highest goal of all Christians.

[Reflecting on Matthew 28.16-20 and Romans 10.5-15]