Sermon Snippet – 10th February 2019

Every week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. Here’s a few lines from what he said this week in our All Age service looking at the hopeless spies in Numbers 13.

The other thing that strikes me is how quick the 10 spies were to exaggerate the potential challenge that the people would face.

In their initial report they speak of a good land… and many inhabitants. Among those inhabitants, they say, are 3 Anakim clans. We don’t know who the Anakim were but we might surmise a people of fearsome reputation.

But then when Caleb intervenes, these 3 Anakim clans, suddenly become giants, and even the Nephilim, a people said to have descended from humans and angels!

Our papers today would call their tactics, “Project Fear!”

I wonder if we do that at times.

I wonder if we see the obstacles before we see the opportunities.

I wonder if we’re more afraid of the challenges than we are ready to trust God to lead us into the things he wants for us.

I wonder if we might even exaggerate the dangers (even if that’s just in our own minds)… and perhaps don’t even realise we’re doing so.

[Reflecting on Numbers 13.25-33]