Hungarian Church says Thank You!

The ministers of a Church and Community House in Gardony, Hungary have written to thank members of Socketts Heath Baptist Church for their generous donations towards the cost of a new boiler.

Revd. Melinda Karl and Revd. Laszlo Olah wrote:

“Our hearts are full of gratefulness when we say a huge thank you for your generous gift to us. It was a tremendous help for us to be able to buy our new boiler. Also, your generosity encouraged a lot of people here to follow your example and open their hearts. Thanks be to God, people came together and donated joyfully. The boiler has already arrived this week so we’ll be holding our family service in a warm building!”

In their letter they share something of the many opportunities they have to serve people in their community and across Hungary. This includes helping to run a primary school in a nearby town that had been threatened with closure.

As well as being a base for church activities the Community House is also used to offer short holidays and respite stays for those who might struggle to afford to get away. The house is located near to a lake with its own beach that is very popular with visitors.

The photos in the Gallery show the Church and Community House, the old Church building, the nearby lake and beach, and the two ministers (Revds. Olah and Karl, centre, along with Zsolt and Bo Pasztor from Socketts Heath Baptist Church who presented the donation to them).