Sermon Snippet – 3rd March 2019

Each week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. Here’s a few lines from what he said this week as we reflected on why we support Fairtrade.

In the Old Testament the Jubilee laws were God’s radical plan to make sure nobody got stuck in poverty. Everyone was to be given rest. Debts had to be cancelled and slaves set free. And every 50 years everything was reset and families all went back to the land they were given at the start. But this was only for the Israelites.

In the New Testament, Jesus enlarges the Jubilee principle, and says that all these radical freedoms are now for everyone because of him. His coming is good news for the poor, for the oppressed, and for everyone in any kind of captivity, wherever they come from.

But what then does this mean for us?

As followers of Jesus we are not just beneficiaries of God’s widening embrace, we are also called to be those whose own lives reflect the same generous sharing.

But notice this is not about giving simply because it is the generous thing to do. This is about justice. This is about giving to those in greatest need. This is about recognising that not all things are equal, that some will have more while others have less, and joining with God in responding to those whose needs are greater.

[Reflecting on Deuteronomy 15.1-11 and Luke 4.16-30]