Sermon Snippet – Easter Sunday 2019

Each week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. Here’s a few lines from what he said on Easter morning as we celebrated the resurrection.

What we are talking about when it comes to Jesus is not reanimation but resurrection. Or, to put that another way, this was not the restoring to life of a dead body, but rather it was the gift of a new kind of life, one over which death no longer holds any power.

Yes at its simplest we are saying that someone who was dead is alive again. But that is hardly novel in the gospels. Think of Jairus’ daughter or of Lazarus. Both were made alive again by Jesus, but we can be fairly sure both also died again at some point later on.

What is new here, what is news here, is that Jesus has been raised from the dead, as in raised in victory over death. And so our Easter hope is not that human bodies can be made alive again, but rather our Easter hope is that the power of death has been broken, and this has implications for the present as much as for the future, and for the whole world as well as for us.

[Reflecting on John 20.1-18 and Acts 10.34-43]

Photo by Ian Britton,, used under Creative Commons License.