Sermon Snippet – 28th July 2019

Each week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. This week it was an All Age service and we were thinking about Smell as one of the Five Senses of Faith (a series that will be running through the summer). This is part of what Ashley said as we thought about the moment Mary poured expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet.

I wonder what you think Mary was doing by pouring out that perfume on Jesus’ feet.

[Acknowledging her sins, offering worship, saying thank you, showing her love, making a sacrifice, telling us something about Jesus’ worth and beauty…??]

Judas just thought she was being wasteful… the perfume smelt like a lost opportunity for him to steal.

Jesus, though, thought she was getting him ready for his death… preparing his body to be buried, even before he had died.

That’s odd, isn’t it, that something that smelled so sweet could be a sign pointing us to death… we don’t expect death to smell sweet, but of course Jesus’ death, made as an offering to God to give us life, was sweet…. or perhaps bitter-sweet… bitter for him, but sweet for all of us who, like Mary, are loved, forgiven and made new.

[Reflecting on John 12.1-8]

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