Sermon Snippet – 30th June 2019

Each week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. His sermon this Sunday looked at the book of Proverbs and what it tells us about Wisdom for life.

In Proverbs, God is the one who created the order of the world and Lady Wisdom is the guide he has given to us to help us search out this order and live by it.

In some ways I think this makes Proverbs a more accessible book than other parts of the Old Testament. I can imagine that many people outside the Church would find it easy to relate to the advice given in Proverbs.

This makes Proverbs different to other parts of the Old Testament, and this difference means we must treat it differently. A proverb is not a law. It is not a hard and fast rule, but more like a ‘rule of thumb’.

Following the wisdom of Proverbs does not guarantee a long and satisfying life, as Job and the writer of Ecclesiastes both testify, but seeking and listening to the advice of Lady Wisdom will help us get in tune with the order of God’s world.

[Reflecting on Proverbs 8.1-36]