Sermon Snippet – 4th August 2019

Each week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. This week it was an All Age service and we were thinking about Touch as one of the Five Senses of Faith. This is part of what Ashley said as we thought about all those Jesus touched and healed.

Repeatedly Jesus touched a person (or allowed a person to touch him) to heal them.

I wonder how that made them feel…

I wonder if he was the first person to touch each one of them in a long time…

Can you imagine what it’s like not to be touched at all, by anyone? And not to be touched because of the way your body looked or because of something that didn’t work?

I think all these touches tell us something about how Jesus viewed the human body. And it was probably a lot more positively than many people do today.

I suggest that Jesus saw all these human bodies, all these people, in their God-created beauty, and that touching them was his way of saying to them…

“Your body, even if it’s sick, even if not all of it works properly, even if it’s scarred from old wounds, your body is a special part of who you are, and of who God loves.”

[Reflecting on Matthew 8.1-4 and 14-15, and Matthew 9.18-25 and 27-31]