Sermon Snippet – 1st September 2019

Each week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. On this first week back after his holiday, he was reflecting on what Jesus said that belonging to him would mean for his followers.

It’s not just that God is in the pruning business, cutting back the stuff in our lives that hinders us from becoming more like Jesus, from bearing the kingdom fruit of love, mercy, compassion, truth, justice and so on.

But it’s also that living more like Jesus, as a result of all this pruning, we’re going to come up against the same hostility to Jesus’ way as he met himself.

So where’s the good news?

Well I think the answer is in the words Jesus said about remaining (or staying joined) to him… because as well saying we should stay joined to him, he also said, “… and I will stay joined to you.” (v4)

The good news is that as we join our lives, our weak, often stumbling, inconsistent, hesitant, flawed lives, to Jesus, so he joins his life, his life full of grace, full of truth, full of justice, full of love, full of power, so he joins his life to ours. And I really do believe that is good news.

[Reflecting on John 15.1-22]