Sermon Snippet – 24th November 2019

Each week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. Here are a few lines from what he said this week as we concluded our series in Jeremiah. The focus of this sermon was on the way God speaks to us through the Bible.

For most of us I think the reason we fail to hear God’s ever-speaking word is far more mundane, and yet no less dangerous. We simply do not expect God to speak to us.

I don’t mean we don’t read it believing in what it says, but we read it more as something to be studied, something from which we might learn the ‘way’ of Christian living, or from where we might get a little nugget of spiritual wisdom (a Word for Today, for our Every Day with Jesus life!).

But the Bible is not a history book, although it has history in it, nor is it an instruction manual, although there are commands, nor is it merely the source of our knowledge about Jesus, or his church, or his missionary purposes for the world, although I would not deny any of these things, and it definitely isn’t there so that we might have a pithy little thought for the day…

Above and beyond all these human efforts to manage it, the Bible is a word addressed to the people of God; it is what God wanted to say, and still wants to say, to his people; it is what he wants to say to us.

Whenever we open it, whether as the church or on our own, we should do so with fear and trembling, as if God is about to speak… because God is about to speak!

[Reflecting on Jeremiah 36.1-32]