Sermon Snippet – 8th December 2019

Each week we’ll post a short snippet from Ashley’s sermon from that Sunday. Here are a few lines from what he said this week, the second Sunday of Advent.

If being ‘at home’ is less about where we are and more about who we are with, then in the season of Advent we have good reason to think about home.

John tells us that the Word became flesh and came and dwelt among us. The word he used means ‘pitched his tent’ but it would be just as true to say that in Jesus God has come and ‘made his home’ with us.

But it’s also true to say that Jesus came to take us home or, perhaps better, set us on the path to home.

I don’t mean that he came so that one day we could go to heaven, if by heaven we simply mean another place, away from this world.

Rather I mean that Jesus came to restore us into the relationships for which God made us, firstly a good relationship with him and then (very much linked to that) good relationships with all our fellow human beings.

And when we are right in those relationships then we are ‘at home.’

[Reflecting on Matthew 3.1-12 and Romans 15.4-13]