Christmas Bags for the Homeless

Each year as part of our Advent activities we focus on the needs of people in our community and world. This year for our local project we wanted to support the good work being done by the Salvation Army with those who are homeless in Thurrock.

For most of us Christmas is an opportunity to give gifts to our family and friends. Through our Christmas Bags for the Homeless appeal we wanted to give something to people who may not get any presents.

The idea was simple enough. Each person in the church was given a paper bag, which they were encouraged to decorate with Christmas designs, and then fill with a variety of practical items and treats. Some people were asked to fill bags with items more suitable for women, and others to think about what might be helpful for a homeless man.

Twenty-four bags were decorated and filled with wrapped gifts. These were then dropped off at the local Salvation Army for them to give out at Christmas. Our prayer was that our little efforts might help homeless people in Thurrock know that someone was thinking about them.