Christmas Sermon Snippet

Here are a few lines from Ashley’s Christmas sermon. He was reflecting on what is wrapped up in the gift God has given us?

The angel spoke to Mary and told her that God had chosen her to have a son, that he would be the son of the Most High God, and a king like his great ancestor David. But unlike David his kingdom would never end.

When we look at the manger we might just see a baby, but the angel saw a king, and he saw that this king would reign over an everlasting kingdom.

Wrapped up in this present then is the future of Israel and indeed of the world. This baby will fulfill all God’s promises to David and Israel, promises about a land in which nobody goes without, promises about a time in which there is peace, not war, promises about God being at the centre of life, his law obeyed and his love enjoyed.

But these promises will extend beyond Israel, this everlasting kingdom will have no boundaries, either in time or space. For God’s gift is not just for the Jews, even though it will come from the Jews, it is a gift for the world.

All that Israel hoped for, all that creation longed for, all that people still cry out for (even if they don’t know God), all that lies wrapped up in the manger.

[Reflecting on Luke 1.26-33]