Sermon Snippet (Text for the Year) – 12th January 2020

Here are a few lines from Ashley’s sermon this week. He was reflecting on our Text for the Year and the difference between seeing to believe and believing to see.

When you put your faith in Jesus, you can see, or at least you can begin to see what God is doing in the world.

Seeing the world through God’s eyes, as Jesus did, often means that we discover that what is really going on is quite different to the way things appear.

There are lots of examples of this in the Bible. Jesus’ death is the most obvious.

When all the world thought that death meant defeat, failure, the end of hope, the reality was that his death meant the defeat of death, the victory of love over hurt, the triumph of good over evil.

This is also true for us, as Paul writes in Corinthians, when he tells us that outwardly we might be wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

And indeed it is true for all creation, even as the principalities and powers appear to have the upper hand, yet in Colossians we discover that they are defeated at the cross of Jesus, and from Romans, that one day all creation will be set free from its bondage to decay.

What is true and what appears to be true are not the same thing. But you have to have faith in Jesus if you’re going to see things as God does.

I wonder what all this means for us as we go into this new year.

[Reflecting on John 20.29]