Bible Study

We believe that we find out more about God and his purposes, as well as about our lives and what God desires for us, by reading the Bible together.

We also believe that God speaks through all his people, which means that everybody is able to help us discover what God might be saying to us, through the pages of the Bible.

Each week after a brief catch up we read a passage together, and then reflect on what we’ve read, with each of us saying what caught our attention, before we then try and find points of connection to our lives today.

As we’re doing this online you have to provide your own refreshments! So put the kettle on, grab your Bible, and come and join us as we learn and grow together.

Anyone is welcome to join us and if you’d like to please let Ashley know. If you don’t have his contact details you can do that by using the Contact button below.

Key Information

WhenWednesdays @ 7pm

WhereOnline via Zoom

LeadersRev. Ashley Lovett